If there is a chance of getting young and healthy again, would you hesitate?

There are only natural things,
no synthetics,
no chemicals,
you deserves the best...
to get back your health, beauty and prosperity in life.

I only go natural...

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Public Apology to Tony Connery

About the information from http://www.conneryscottishwalks.co.uk/colourvibrationtherapy.html (Scottish Walks - Hillwalking in Scotland by Tony Connery)

Here I'd like to appeal apology for using the original wonderful scenery of West Highland Way in Scotland.

That picture is very wonderful until make me fell in love with it.

Awesome, high quality picture with fog, look cool and fresh environment. It is a very example of cold highlands. To acknowledge the picture, so I let it link to the original URL http://www.conneryscottishwalks.co.uk/west_highland_way/west_highland_way_northwards_from_staircase_big.jpg

So reader can get the original site of the picture by click that picture. That picture was taken by professional photographer Tony Connery.

By the way, I never mention that the picture in the post is Cameron Highlands. The beauty picture was just ornament for that post. By using the imagination, reader can imagine any highlands with cold temperature and fogging. Only the good quality picture can help to do that.

I'm the 55 years old Professional Practitioner with very busy schedule. I seldom check up my email or update my blog. I often ask my 12 years old daughter finding a good quality picture for my blog. I'm so surprise when read the article http://www.conneryscottishwalks.co.uk/colourvibrationtherapy.html.

My blog is exist to show that the Alternative Medicine is the best way to treat diseases. I'm also writing to deny all defamation from Classic Medicine like http://medicine.com.my/wp/?p=2441

About the great picture of Scotland, it completely removed from my blog and replace with truly of tea farm Cameron Highlands Malaysia picture. I'll miss that picture in my live.

Other pictures, please refer http://www.rawatankesihatan.com

Friday, February 13, 2009

Women and Responsibilities

I feel obliged to thumb up, to share experiences with women whoever they are, regardless racial and religiuos background. Maybe my share of experience can help to open up their mind and motivate them to built quality family ties and relationships with spouse, other family members and mankind .

Most wives, especially carrier women are tensed with so much burden and responsibilities in routine lives. These pressures and time constrain robbed women's their personel development and family's need for fulltime mothers and housewives.