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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Circumcision and AT

Boys experience happy memories circumcised following AT's approach. Most respondances enjoy walking and playing one day after circumcised. No bleeding and no infection pain. Regardless of age, circumcision is not painfull.

Pre-circumcision period is three days. Respondant is encouaged to fast, and avoid red meat diet or high cholestrol food, as these food will cause hypertension and cause heavy bleeding during circumcision. Beef, chicken, cabbage, beansprouts, soya product food, sea food are to be avoided. Mutton, cucumber, melons are encouraged as these food can lower down fat and cholestrol level in the blood.

The respondant will have hydrotherapy ice bath for three consecutive days to have balanced energy level, reduce stress and normallised blood pressure.
He is also adviced to sleep early.
Just before circumcision he do 'ice-dipped' for 10 minutes.


The respondant is in confortable condition, lying for only a day.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Your problems is your disease

I would like to share with you about problems. Many patients came to see me with many problems in their lives. I could see how these problems annoyed them and finally create their disease. Now actually to to cure the disease is to solve their problems first. Identifying owns problems greatly help medications towards healing process.

Problems formed when you are stuck focussing on what you dont want. So to resolve problems, do not give attention to what you do not want. Giving attention to is to give energy to what you dont want. Instead always focus on what you want. There is no body in this world want negative values in their lives, no one prefer hardships and troubles in any aspect of their lives. Everybody would prefer healthy and happy livings.

But the problem is people always give attention to what they do no like until affecting their health. So to regain your health is to deliberately avoid thinking and pay attention to problems. Always think opposite to problems. If you are worried about your relationship with your spouse or your boss, think the other way round. Turn the worries into something you like or appreciate. Always try to understand your spouse's or boss's emotional feelings and always try to give something in order to gain something from him.

Some effort you put in to contribute to better relationship will gain positive reaction because of the law of equillibrium I mentioned in topic "cause and effect". If you think there is no love in your heart towards your spouse, there can never be love in his heart towards you. If you think you dont like your boss, then your boss also dont like you, because what is in your thought will form into reality.

So I would like to share with you, always think positive, identify what you like and always assume that everything is as you like it to be and it will be. If you already fall ill always think you are under the process of recovering and its going to be ok. Negative thoughts will develop weaknesses and low self esteem that would lead you bad luck.


Hernia patient mention to me that whoever she went to see for check-up explain correctly about her sickness but the problem was she had not been given the accurate medication to cure her hernia. Lastly after seeing me, I gave her hernia treatment, using natural waves pills CL 14, CL8, and sl 5, she expressed her gratitude that Attitude Therapy is a Gift from Above. Her children and office mates noticed changes on her face, have shines and energy flow in her physical body, for years she was suffering from hernia of coarse the community will notice any changes in her complexion. But to her people don't really care what is all about her getting back her hernia remedy, to them may be it is by accident she was cured or it is a kind of miracle, nobody really is interested of what kind treatment she used, maybe until each person encounter their own health problem,then only they would be curious to find the most effective medication.
There are not so many people really care to learn about alternative medicines and consider it is of less important then any other issues in their lives. To me the excitement to see how patient healed and recovered is my most wonderful experience, it is a wonderful satisfaction! Healing without side effects and healing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically!

Tips to avoid hernia:

Eat freshly cooked food, fresh fruits.
Avoid highly fibrous food/fruits.
Exercise walking and sit ups every day.


Piles cases can be cured without operation. Patient suffers during passing motion followed by bleeding and cut in the anus. The walls of intestines. Healing process must undergo detoxification process which will cleansed the blood system and cells.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prolapsed colon

Prolapsed colon are frequent cases found among men and women; married or unmarried. Among the unmarried women they will complain of stomachache, headache, constipation ,backache and menses problem. Married women will add complain of infertility.

Kinesiology method detect prolapsed colon easily. The colon prolapsed and rest on the reproductive organs resulting in mensus disturbance and blocked phallopian tubes. The life history of sufferers are mainly among drivers, serious sportsmen, labors lifting heavy objects.

Roughage such as most bananas, cholesterol food such as squids, heavy mineral food like spinach and nescaffe, high protein food like cabbage, been sprouts, soya products and milk are bad for colon.

"Sit up" exercise will give benefit of 'pulling up' effect to the prolapsed colon.

Formulas are very essential to remove toxic plugs in the intestines and restore perstalsis motion of the colon.Infertility due to prolapsed colon among married women had shown many cases patients bear children after the colon is cured.

Cause and Effect

Our life on the whole is 80% spiritual. Our lifestyles and behaviors will directly influence to our health and wellbeing with the universe. There is an accurate law applicable to every single movement and action done by all living things, I call it 'the law of equilibrium'.

As everybody believe that to every action there is reaction, so is to every thing that is in our mind or in our actions, emotions or spiritual have direct reactions to our body system.

For example someone is very angry, he can feel how the blood rises up to the ears, he shivers and yell to the person who causes his anger. A person who cant control anger will lead to health problems related to nervous, blood pressure and panicking. So when the patient is detected having problematic blood pressure it is important to know how to control anger in the process to cure the symptom of blood pressure.

All cells in human body will give reactions to every action given upon them. To heal any complication in human body is to study the root cause to the disease. Spiritual approach to diagnose using kinesiology method always give clear picture how the patient could regain his original energy. Using logical approach to treat patients will lead practitioner to confusion and dead end. At the end of the whole thing the practitioner will lose patient’s confidence because the patient too got confused as well.

The key success to kinesiology is spiritual link between the practitioner and the patient. Human body is equipped with sensory neurons which have electromagnetic link to the brain which is the “CPU” of our body. To any investigations made the brain will give the bio feed back in exact and precise answer. In true actual fact there is no barrier or boundary for the practitioner to see the whole story of the disease. How the disease rooting to form the present symptoms could be studied and concluded to be originated from various aspects whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical causes.

I would like to emphasize that human body is not physical merely, that the body is four in one,spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Therefore he should be given wholistic treatment according to his nature. Human is not living object like the animals or trees, human should be respected for his complete and excellence creation. Sometimes by correcting simple mistakes in behavior can heal his disease, for example correcting sleeping pattern can cure constipation or blood pressure. Always keep calm, have patience and live in harmony with others can protect us from high /low blood pressure. Other example is feeling of jealousy and dissatisfaction towards others can cause pancreas malfunction. Don't live in suspicious towards other people, positive thinking and always forgive will protect diabetes and gout.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Aplied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is world wide known and used as a diagnose technique in alternative medicine. It is a very professional and ethical practice among alternative medicine practitioners to diagnose patients' sickness and identifying the root cause of the disease.

Applied kinesiology is successfull in its purpose if the practitioner is an honest and a pure healer. The intension to serve and cure patients is the pre-requisite value the practitioner should have. Kinesiology method could reveals all secrets and facts about anything as the interactions between practitioner and his patients is through spiritual link via brain waves. This is the base used to determine the real root to disease.

Hepatitis B

Mr D came to see me and my husband with concerned neighbours. He had obviously yellowish symptom in the white eyes and pailed face. He had not been taking hard food for few months, he was so weak and thin. He would vomitted after taking hard food and could not sleep soundly. According to his neighbour he fell sick six months ago, but could not understand his sickness due to different explainations given by different doctors who treated him.

When he came to see us he was having difficult breathing after walking a short distance. He was given emergency treatment with nw 14 phase one taken orally fot abaout an hour. After diagnosting him the root cause of his sickness is his blood system. So he was prescribed with nw 18 and nw3 phase one, two and three, basic energy, garam booster and aroma.

Two days after Mr D consumed the treatment Mr D begin to eat and sleep. This is the signal of healing process.Till now Mr D is getting back to his activities as a leader in a felda settlement area.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Epilepsy is a disease of the brain whereby usually the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus weakness can cause fit. If the sufferer is under fit, the muscles become stiff and patients become unconscious. The symptoms always occur repeatedly, sometimes showing prior signals to the sufferer. It would be easier to monitor epilepsy case in adult patients. For epilepsy babies, parents have to give intensive care to avoid suffocation endangering the baby's life.

A Supersonic cure from epilepsy is among babies. Drugs are acidic and could not penetrate brain cells, but with vibrational method Attitude Therapy has to offer brain cells of pituitary glands and hypothalamus easily conduct the waves and show quick relieve from fit. In one case the fit disappear instantly after applying Vibrational Aromatherapy Seri Wajah. Most cases of epilepsy would need natural waves of the brain and healthy digestive and eliminative systems.

Monday, July 2, 2007


I was always on call to attend stroke cases too. When I reached the patients house, the patient was always lying on bed in the hall area. As usual I would first diagnose using kinesiology method to identify the cause of the stroke particularly. Upon the cause of stroke I have identified, straight away I would prescribe the formula and a family member would be briefed on the consumption and applications.

After following the steps suggested, usually stroke patients showed quick respond. Bed ridden patient gain recovery faster, beyond expectation.

For long abundant stroke case it would need longer time to see improvements, but at least the patient could be more concious, understand and communicate with surroundings faster.

Excess Sweatting

I have met numerous cases patients having excess sweat on particular areas such as face, palms and soles. Most sufferers carry tissues for absorbing and wear cotton. Each case having different symptoms. Blood circulation and heart problem will have extra sweat on face area. Problems of gald bladder and urinary bladder will cause extra sweat on palms and soles.

It is most important to treat the entire body system on the whole rather to tackle sweatting problem alone. Sweats come from the active burning of fat tissues in the body to produce energy and water. Sweats keep on coming although there is no exercise activities, showing a very rapid metabolism process in the body.

Most cases will consume garam booster, natural waves as required and seri wangi aromatherapy to regulate tyroid and balanced metabolic process.

The results: It was always very astonishing, not only within less than a month undergoing treatment I prescribed, sweat problem diminish or slows down a lot and patient will be a lot more healthier than before and you can see how cheerful and radiant complexion did they had after just a few days of treatment.