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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prolapsed colon

Prolapsed colon are frequent cases found among men and women; married or unmarried. Among the unmarried women they will complain of stomachache, headache, constipation ,backache and menses problem. Married women will add complain of infertility.

Kinesiology method detect prolapsed colon easily. The colon prolapsed and rest on the reproductive organs resulting in mensus disturbance and blocked phallopian tubes. The life history of sufferers are mainly among drivers, serious sportsmen, labors lifting heavy objects.

Roughage such as most bananas, cholesterol food such as squids, heavy mineral food like spinach and nescaffe, high protein food like cabbage, been sprouts, soya products and milk are bad for colon.

"Sit up" exercise will give benefit of 'pulling up' effect to the prolapsed colon.

Formulas are very essential to remove toxic plugs in the intestines and restore perstalsis motion of the colon.Infertility due to prolapsed colon among married women had shown many cases patients bear children after the colon is cured.

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