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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Circumcision and AT

Boys experience happy memories circumcised following AT's approach. Most respondances enjoy walking and playing one day after circumcised. No bleeding and no infection pain. Regardless of age, circumcision is not painfull.

Pre-circumcision period is three days. Respondant is encouaged to fast, and avoid red meat diet or high cholestrol food, as these food will cause hypertension and cause heavy bleeding during circumcision. Beef, chicken, cabbage, beansprouts, soya product food, sea food are to be avoided. Mutton, cucumber, melons are encouraged as these food can lower down fat and cholestrol level in the blood.

The respondant will have hydrotherapy ice bath for three consecutive days to have balanced energy level, reduce stress and normallised blood pressure.
He is also adviced to sleep early.
Just before circumcision he do 'ice-dipped' for 10 minutes.


The respondant is in confortable condition, lying for only a day.

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