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Monday, July 16, 2007


Hernia patient mention to me that whoever she went to see for check-up explain correctly about her sickness but the problem was she had not been given the accurate medication to cure her hernia. Lastly after seeing me, I gave her hernia treatment, using natural waves pills CL 14, CL8, and sl 5, she expressed her gratitude that Attitude Therapy is a Gift from Above. Her children and office mates noticed changes on her face, have shines and energy flow in her physical body, for years she was suffering from hernia of coarse the community will notice any changes in her complexion. But to her people don't really care what is all about her getting back her hernia remedy, to them may be it is by accident she was cured or it is a kind of miracle, nobody really is interested of what kind treatment she used, maybe until each person encounter their own health problem,then only they would be curious to find the most effective medication.
There are not so many people really care to learn about alternative medicines and consider it is of less important then any other issues in their lives. To me the excitement to see how patient healed and recovered is my most wonderful experience, it is a wonderful satisfaction! Healing without side effects and healing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically!

Tips to avoid hernia:

Eat freshly cooked food, fresh fruits.
Avoid highly fibrous food/fruits.
Exercise walking and sit ups every day.

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