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Monday, July 2, 2007

Excess Sweatting

I have met numerous cases patients having excess sweat on particular areas such as face, palms and soles. Most sufferers carry tissues for absorbing and wear cotton. Each case having different symptoms. Blood circulation and heart problem will have extra sweat on face area. Problems of gald bladder and urinary bladder will cause extra sweat on palms and soles.

It is most important to treat the entire body system on the whole rather to tackle sweatting problem alone. Sweats come from the active burning of fat tissues in the body to produce energy and water. Sweats keep on coming although there is no exercise activities, showing a very rapid metabolism process in the body.

Most cases will consume garam booster, natural waves as required and seri wangi aromatherapy to regulate tyroid and balanced metabolic process.

The results: It was always very astonishing, not only within less than a month undergoing treatment I prescribed, sweat problem diminish or slows down a lot and patient will be a lot more healthier than before and you can see how cheerful and radiant complexion did they had after just a few days of treatment.


chithu said...

i want to know more

chocolate pavlova said...

i have this problem and it worries me a lot since excessive sweat is not cool at all for girls.can u please guide me upon my condition?

Ska Arif said...

Me too.. im having this problem too.. im active in sports and my stamina is good but my body sweats vigorously.. please help me.. this is my email purerock@apunkaid.com and im nazirul from Brunei Darussalam