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Friday, November 30, 2007


Skin not in good condition, acne , rashes, reddish face, itchiness, ecxema, insect bite, red spot, gall bladder, high cholesterol, ringworm and shingles, gall bladder pain, bilirubin, chicken-pox, measles, hemangioma and wart.

For all the above condition, make sure your kidneys are healthy. Healthy kidneys give a perfect urination process. Excreta helps detoxify toxins from the body. When taking this formula you will urinate frequently and urine will have strong smell and cloudy.

Teenagers who have no confident and always in day dreaming will have more acne on the face.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Kidney disturbant, urine disturbant, excess or lacking of urination, painful urination, urinary bladder problem, residue in the urine, severe thirst, lower backache, knee aching and numb hands, problem of blood circulation to the heart, cannot sleep on flat surface, stone in the kidney, increase blood coagulation, control tiredness, stress and sleep disturbant, infection and bleeding urine.

In all the above situations are very closely related to stress and depression. This formula will promote the excretion of toxic wastes through blood circulation system.
Eat less salty food, thick urea is the sign of weak sexual hormones.
The adrenal cortex plays an important role to reduce and control depression.
The medulla adrenal is controlled by sympathetic nerves suitable for all ages for energy.
This formula also helps efficiency in emergencies.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Masalah Perut = CL 12(HERPA, LIVER, STOMACH)

Negative freight, digestion disorder, gastric, heart burn, stomach, stuffed feeling, difficulty in nutrients absorption, vomit, windy stomach, stomach cramp, stomach ache, cut in the stomach's wall, high cholesterol level, chest pain, lungs pain, pain of ribs and muscles in the chest area, liver failure, hepatitis A/B, jaundice, yellowy, lymph disorder, thick urine, pale stool, hard and swollen stomach, biliary atresia, reye syndrome, stenosis pyloric, colic.

This formula is a cleansing and toxin neutralizer in the stomach. Its function is to control metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein, synthesize the protein plasma, detoxification, hormones, drugs, urea formations and storage functions.

Gall bladder enzyme secretion. Thinking seriously while taking meal is a bad habit which endanger
the digestive system.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Masalah jantung = CL11(HEART)

Heart problem, hole in in the heart, heart coronary, liver problem, breathing difficulties, sweating, headache, fibrillation, pectoris, sweating, dizzy, blood pressure, sufferings, sad feelings, chest pain, angina pectoris, panicking, heart beat, heart contraction rate, control increase in blood pressure in arteries.

Liver and heart generally bear sufferings, caused by unsuccessful love affairs. There are some illness originated from the chest area confused the doctors and the patients. Most heart cases are normal, unstable heartbeat, blood circulation disturbance.
Sudden death.Brain weakness may cause sudden uncontrollable heart beat,related to weak heart muscles. Frequent sleep may cause increase heart beat, and promote anger. Blue lips and nail is the sign of lack of oxygen due to heart failure.

Masalah paru-paru = CL10(CHEST)

Breathing problems, asthma, cough, pneumonia, tuberculosis, swollen lungs, heart burn, anger, breathing control, harsh, sad, love, skin allergy, scabies, dust, cyst in the lungs, breast cancer, noisy breathing, mocopurulent. This formula increase immune to infection, this formula is an antidote, balance feelings, blood oxygenation, blood filter, breathing problem on high altitude, blood clotting in normal and abnormal situation, cleansing of toxin, bacteria and gases such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide. cleansing of lymphatic veins, throat and respiratory system, cold and
running nose.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Masalah sakit thyroid = CL9(THROAT)

Uncomfortable Throat area, Voice problem, metabolism disorder, obesity and underweight, sore throat, goiter, dry mouth, swelling glands on the neck area, blur vision, bones and nerves, lost of appetite, stimulate taste receptor, pain while swallowing food, weak taste and tongue, excess saliva, bleeding gum, hypothyroid, bad breadth, growth problem, short, swollen lymphatic glands around the neck area(rubella).

This formula increase brain cells function, and increase flow of electrical activities to the brain. This formula is very important for dieting programme or slimming programme related to nw12. This formula can replace traditional way using blue and vinegar on goiter. Weak in throat area affect metabolism and absorption of nutrients. Suitable for high pitch voice, for vocal function, elimination of organic matter such as urea and sugar.

Masalah sakit tengkok = CL8 MEDULLA OBLONGATA

Low blood pressure, worries, tension, depression, nervous, panicky, imbalance, hysteria, numbness, sweating, shivering, nausea, feeling of imbalance, fainting, neck and shoulder pain.

These symptoms may lead to hysteria and psychiatric. If taken with NW13 could result calmness and happiness. Weakness in the medulla oblongata would disturb pancreas hormonal function. It control the heart rhythm, stabilized low blood pressure, control vomitting, control psychology and emotion, essential for blood circulation, stimulate sympathetic nerves, increase rate of heart beat,avoid stress, fear, high degree of anger. Weakness of medulla oblongata will cause increasing heart beat and affect heart function. Medulla oblongata is very closely related to the blood circulation.

Masalah Sinus =.CL6(Face)

Clogged nose, watery nose, pain in between two eye brows, breathing problem, pain in face area, sinus, fever due to breathing allergy, smoothening facial area especially around the nose, bad breadth, pus in the nose,polyps, breathing through the mouth because of blocked nose, hyposmia, lose of taste buds.

When the body is exposed to pollution from bacteria, dust, dirts in the air the first sensitive and affected part of body is the face. The air will get into the lung through the nose, filtered, heated up and moisten up.

The first sign that immunity is weakening is sinusitises and tonsillitises. Polluted air will affect the lungs and cause coughing. Smell and taste is closely interrelated.


Fever, high body temperature, teething fever, fit, ear, hearing problem, echoing ear, deaf, dumb, immediate fever, high blood pressure,low blood pressure, very bad headache, colour blind, equilibrium, sore eye, sweating and shivering.

This formula is suitable for babies having high fever, high body temperature, teething.

Give 3 granules every 5 minutes until the temperature cools down. Dengue fever for three consecutive days.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Masalah Allergy CL5(Biotic Control)

Anti bacteria, antioxidant, Weak immune, Control bacterial invasion, Skin allergy, sensitive skin, Sensitive nose due to dust, Allergy to high cholesterol food, prone to rashes and wounds.
This formula will promote happy feelings and calmness and immunity.

Masalah Tidur CL4(Sleep, focus)

Suitable for studying and focusing. Unsound sleep or restless sleep. Dreams and disturbed sleep. Still tired after wake up from sleep, tiresome in the morning. Unconscious sleep, hard to fall asleep, nightmare, sleepy syndrome, lost of focus while driving .

Hypoactive children, scary, shyness and withdrawal personality.

Increase in creativity, investigative. Body temperature control, balancing liquid and nutrients, appetite control, loss of appetite, controlling emotional character, anger and cries among children.

The formula is suitable for relaxation and rest. A must when driving for stamina. It can tune sleeping pattern to normal. Dual function to sleep or stay awake.Parasympathetic more active while relaxing and normalize heart beat rhythm.

Masalah migraine CL 3 ( Emotional love trauma)

Trauma/Right and Left Brain, one sided headache, headache, stress, love, severe aching in the head, Hyperactive, ache from top to back of the neck. Naughty, angry, lying and stubborn children. Prolong cries for babies. Madness. Vomit.

This formula enhance high thinking skills. Can avoid over stress and hyperactive. Stabilize feelings and peaceful mind. Avoid worries. Relieve migraine, as a shield from u v light, helps strengthening blood cells from destruction.