If there is a chance of getting young and healthy again, would you hesitate?

There are only natural things,
no synthetics,
no chemicals,
you deserves the best...
to get back your health, beauty and prosperity in life.

I only go natural...

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Friday, November 30, 2007


Skin not in good condition, acne , rashes, reddish face, itchiness, ecxema, insect bite, red spot, gall bladder, high cholesterol, ringworm and shingles, gall bladder pain, bilirubin, chicken-pox, measles, hemangioma and wart.

For all the above condition, make sure your kidneys are healthy. Healthy kidneys give a perfect urination process. Excreta helps detoxify toxins from the body. When taking this formula you will urinate frequently and urine will have strong smell and cloudy.

Teenagers who have no confident and always in day dreaming will have more acne on the face.

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