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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Masalah Perut = CL 12(HERPA, LIVER, STOMACH)

Negative freight, digestion disorder, gastric, heart burn, stomach, stuffed feeling, difficulty in nutrients absorption, vomit, windy stomach, stomach cramp, stomach ache, cut in the stomach's wall, high cholesterol level, chest pain, lungs pain, pain of ribs and muscles in the chest area, liver failure, hepatitis A/B, jaundice, yellowy, lymph disorder, thick urine, pale stool, hard and swollen stomach, biliary atresia, reye syndrome, stenosis pyloric, colic.

This formula is a cleansing and toxin neutralizer in the stomach. Its function is to control metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein, synthesize the protein plasma, detoxification, hormones, drugs, urea formations and storage functions.

Gall bladder enzyme secretion. Thinking seriously while taking meal is a bad habit which endanger
the digestive system.

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