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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Masalah sakit thyroid = CL9(THROAT)

Uncomfortable Throat area, Voice problem, metabolism disorder, obesity and underweight, sore throat, goiter, dry mouth, swelling glands on the neck area, blur vision, bones and nerves, lost of appetite, stimulate taste receptor, pain while swallowing food, weak taste and tongue, excess saliva, bleeding gum, hypothyroid, bad breadth, growth problem, short, swollen lymphatic glands around the neck area(rubella).

This formula increase brain cells function, and increase flow of electrical activities to the brain. This formula is very important for dieting programme or slimming programme related to nw12. This formula can replace traditional way using blue and vinegar on goiter. Weak in throat area affect metabolism and absorption of nutrients. Suitable for high pitch voice, for vocal function, elimination of organic matter such as urea and sugar.

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