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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Masalah Sinus =.CL6(Face)

Clogged nose, watery nose, pain in between two eye brows, breathing problem, pain in face area, sinus, fever due to breathing allergy, smoothening facial area especially around the nose, bad breadth, pus in the nose,polyps, breathing through the mouth because of blocked nose, hyposmia, lose of taste buds.

When the body is exposed to pollution from bacteria, dust, dirts in the air the first sensitive and affected part of body is the face. The air will get into the lung through the nose, filtered, heated up and moisten up.

The first sign that immunity is weakening is sinusitises and tonsillitises. Polluted air will affect the lungs and cause coughing. Smell and taste is closely interrelated.

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