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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Kidney disturbant, urine disturbant, excess or lacking of urination, painful urination, urinary bladder problem, residue in the urine, severe thirst, lower backache, knee aching and numb hands, problem of blood circulation to the heart, cannot sleep on flat surface, stone in the kidney, increase blood coagulation, control tiredness, stress and sleep disturbant, infection and bleeding urine.

In all the above situations are very closely related to stress and depression. This formula will promote the excretion of toxic wastes through blood circulation system.
Eat less salty food, thick urea is the sign of weak sexual hormones.
The adrenal cortex plays an important role to reduce and control depression.
The medulla adrenal is controlled by sympathetic nerves suitable for all ages for energy.
This formula also helps efficiency in emergencies.

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