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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Masalah sakit tengkok = CL8 MEDULLA OBLONGATA

Low blood pressure, worries, tension, depression, nervous, panicky, imbalance, hysteria, numbness, sweating, shivering, nausea, feeling of imbalance, fainting, neck and shoulder pain.

These symptoms may lead to hysteria and psychiatric. If taken with NW13 could result calmness and happiness. Weakness in the medulla oblongata would disturb pancreas hormonal function. It control the heart rhythm, stabilized low blood pressure, control vomitting, control psychology and emotion, essential for blood circulation, stimulate sympathetic nerves, increase rate of heart beat,avoid stress, fear, high degree of anger. Weakness of medulla oblongata will cause increasing heart beat and affect heart function. Medulla oblongata is very closely related to the blood circulation.

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