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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hepatitis B

Mr D came to see me and my husband with concerned neighbours. He had obviously yellowish symptom in the white eyes and pailed face. He had not been taking hard food for few months, he was so weak and thin. He would vomitted after taking hard food and could not sleep soundly. According to his neighbour he fell sick six months ago, but could not understand his sickness due to different explainations given by different doctors who treated him.

When he came to see us he was having difficult breathing after walking a short distance. He was given emergency treatment with nw 14 phase one taken orally fot abaout an hour. After diagnosting him the root cause of his sickness is his blood system. So he was prescribed with nw 18 and nw3 phase one, two and three, basic energy, garam booster and aroma.

Two days after Mr D consumed the treatment Mr D begin to eat and sleep. This is the signal of healing process.Till now Mr D is getting back to his activities as a leader in a felda settlement area.

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david santos said...

Thanks for you work and have a good day