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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cause and Effect

Our life on the whole is 80% spiritual. Our lifestyles and behaviors will directly influence to our health and wellbeing with the universe. There is an accurate law applicable to every single movement and action done by all living things, I call it 'the law of equilibrium'.

As everybody believe that to every action there is reaction, so is to every thing that is in our mind or in our actions, emotions or spiritual have direct reactions to our body system.

For example someone is very angry, he can feel how the blood rises up to the ears, he shivers and yell to the person who causes his anger. A person who cant control anger will lead to health problems related to nervous, blood pressure and panicking. So when the patient is detected having problematic blood pressure it is important to know how to control anger in the process to cure the symptom of blood pressure.

All cells in human body will give reactions to every action given upon them. To heal any complication in human body is to study the root cause to the disease. Spiritual approach to diagnose using kinesiology method always give clear picture how the patient could regain his original energy. Using logical approach to treat patients will lead practitioner to confusion and dead end. At the end of the whole thing the practitioner will lose patient’s confidence because the patient too got confused as well.

The key success to kinesiology is spiritual link between the practitioner and the patient. Human body is equipped with sensory neurons which have electromagnetic link to the brain which is the “CPU” of our body. To any investigations made the brain will give the bio feed back in exact and precise answer. In true actual fact there is no barrier or boundary for the practitioner to see the whole story of the disease. How the disease rooting to form the present symptoms could be studied and concluded to be originated from various aspects whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical causes.

I would like to emphasize that human body is not physical merely, that the body is four in one,spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Therefore he should be given wholistic treatment according to his nature. Human is not living object like the animals or trees, human should be respected for his complete and excellence creation. Sometimes by correcting simple mistakes in behavior can heal his disease, for example correcting sleeping pattern can cure constipation or blood pressure. Always keep calm, have patience and live in harmony with others can protect us from high /low blood pressure. Other example is feeling of jealousy and dissatisfaction towards others can cause pancreas malfunction. Don't live in suspicious towards other people, positive thinking and always forgive will protect diabetes and gout.

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