If there is a chance of getting young and healthy again, would you hesitate?

There are only natural things,
no synthetics,
no chemicals,
you deserves the best...
to get back your health, beauty and prosperity in life.

I only go natural...

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Thursday, June 28, 2007


An university student were four days in coma after a road accident. I went in the ICU unit where he was warded in. I was informed by his parents that his liver was badly damaged. Due to the strict regulation in ICU I brought in only aromatherapy with me. Mixed with tap water I applied aromatherapy to his entire skin for about 30 minutes, I noticed patient responded with some movements and I kept on applying the aromatherapy. That night I was informed that the patient was fully concious. Thanks to all the ICU staffs for their full coorperations that after twelve days the patient was transfered to normal ward and after twelve more days he was discharged from the hospital. While in the ICU unit, there was a baby coma for more than ten days, the baby gain consciousness and discharged from the ICU unit after sharing the aromatherapy with my patient, it was the most happiest experience I had. Actually after this case I really know how effective is vibrational flower essential oil is and I continued to help those in need and those who appreciate my service.

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