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I only go natural...

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We do not label or name disease but practitioner diagnose on weaknesses of organs or cells and prescribe formulae according to the cause of the disease, via kinesiology diagnose method. Along the way cvt will follow on to balance the body system. Labelling diseases will restrict and limit sources of healing method. There are wide range of frequencies to energise blood system,whether to activate passive elements and nutrients in the blood, eliminating toxics, breaking the cholestrol. If a patient is suffering of blood disease, AT will find the root cause of the disease to start with.
In thalassemia or luekimia, treatment will take off from the basic energy level of the patient's blood and after defining the root cause. Monitoring the energy level with the required frequencies and proper diet. Usually patients had had blood transfusions for years. AT's treatment is wholistic in nature, patient should be able to differentiate the vast difference between AT and conventional method.

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