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Monday, June 25, 2007

Practitioner's Hospitality

Experience of Practitioner- Attitude Therapy

Attitude Therapy is in fact the alternative medication for sufferers who really seek for reliable and promising method to cure illnesses. I have encounter numerous cases during my twelve years experience practicing Attitude Therapy. Some had spend hundred thousands of ringgit to find the correct remedy but at last found that Colour Vibration Therapy answer it short and simple.

Human is body and soul, so treating human illnesses should be holistic, taking spiritual, mental, emotional and physical elements into account. Any measure taken in treating process should sustain stability and harmony of the four elements in the human body. Early death sometimes is because patients heard discouraging words from the doctors, whereas the patients could survive if they were given correct advise on diet, nutritions and stress control along with natural therapeutic formulae.

The philosophy in Attitude Therapy regard human being as the most perfect creation created by The Most Magnificent Creator. Doctors, the healer, is to understand whereabouts human body system is in disorder and what could be the root cause, would it be food quality taken, environmental influences, genetic factors or sressfullness and negative characters in their daily life. Human should not be dealt with similar to robotic objects, operations to remove or transplant organs would disastrously affect the whole body system. As much as possible Colour Vibration Therapy is avoiding any kind of unnatural and synthetic enzymes, drugs usage, injections, operations, scanning or poking into human body. Bacteria, miasmas, lack of enzymes is actually not the cause of disease but disease occur when the basic human morality begin to deteriorate.

It is my social duty to increase the awareness among the society about healthcare the alternative way to allopathic practice. Lots of efforts have been taken along the years assisting the society by leading them the correct way to look into health problems by relating the illnesses suffered due to the psychological stress and lifestyles

Although the medical equipments in hospitals and specialist centers are scientific, sophisticated and modern but the philosophy that bacteria is the cause of disease is antique belief and no more relevant to this millennium era. The creation of numerous kinds of antibiotic and synthetic enzymes would lead the so called modern medicine to dead end.

Attitude Therapy offers quick and simplified method, whereby many people who seek for remedies underwent long and confused process in hospitals and specialist centers alongwith strictly obeying doctor’s advice. Patients are not given clear explanation and understanding as to what is wrong with his health. Attitude Therapy's practitioners spend most of the appointment duration by explanations and discussions with the respondence in the effort to upkeep his self confidence in find pathway to healing process. The counseling approach is to educate patient as to what is the disease experienced by the patient, how it arise and what will help to resolve the problem.
Here in my blog I would like to share my experiences eith anybody who are having problems with yourself ar your loved ones or your friends how Attitude Therapy offer its services in healthcare to the universal community, disregard of racial or religous baundaries.
Here I will not include detail in the process of treatment, but if you are interested to know more please give me a call or sms me at 012-4009843, we coulod share more. I also offer diagnostic services via 'broadcasting' method and you can get your prescribed treatment throuhg courrier services. I do have lots of patients through broadcasting method and most of them were doing find although we have not seen yet.

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