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There are only natural things,
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no chemicals,
you deserves the best...
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I only go natural...

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

House of Soaps

House Of Soap and Aromatherapy
I always dream to make a new invention "treatment in happy mood", no pain, no bitter taste, no scolding, no forcing.

I want patients do self treatment, learn to change from negative attitude to positive attitude for their ownselves.

For all my patients I formulated range of Soaps and Aromatherapy in a pair.

They were beautifully blended with selected and relevant essential oils for particular benifit to suit for every one need in soap and quality carrier oils.

Therapy yourselves while you take your bath everyday!!!!.

  • Seri Wangi Soap and Seri Wangi Aroma oil.....soothing, refreshing and uplifting.
  • Masscoolin Soap and Masscoolin Aroma oil.....refreshing and calming for Men
  • Mummy Soap and Mummy Aroma oil......For Pregnant mother
  • Bersalin Soap and Bersalin Aroma oil........for mother After Childbirth
  • Babby Soap and Babby Aroma oil....For new born babies and young Children
  • Sinus Soap and Sinus Aroma oil Roll-on........For Face and Sinus
  • Tea tree Soap and Tea tree Aroma oil ......For Skin Problems
  • Cellulite Soap and Cellulite Aroma oil .......For Cellulite

Treatment time is an enjoyable time.........

with Attitude Therapy's Beautiful Soaps and Aromas!!!!

Offer price until 27 February 2010: RM110 per pair, post inclusive.

SMS 012 - 4009843 for your order!