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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alternative Treatment Attitude

Dear patients or whoever in searching for remedy to your health problems, be optimistic that to any problems there is sure a solution.
Always u can feel that there is an answer to your question, but the time is not yet happen.
The best solution to your health problem is sometime not found in the form of treatment in a sophisticated modern specialist centre.
sometimes you might regain your health without any operation or long procedure in hospital.
Disease starts from minor complication in body systems due to internal and external factors.Normally without proper consideration in nutritive or psychological aspects it possibly transform into more complexity.
My view to any health problem ranging spiritual, emotional, mental and physical disease is to use wholistic approach to start up fisrt step towards healing route.
Patients need deep and strong confidence in themselves up to the level they could see and could feel the pathway to cure very clearly. Sufficient and clear Informations on what and how must be given to patients as their basic rights before starting alternative medicinal treatment.
The secret success to healing power is when the mind understand and believe what is actually had happens to the body and having educate on how to solve the problem.

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