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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Personality -

A simple question which is difficult to get ecxact answer. If we know the answer then every problem will be easy to solve without scratching our head.
Always we misunderstand or could not understand at all who we are and why our life become like this, not as what we aspect.
We are a human being with special feature
and character which form a unique personality. None in this world a person is similar to another person,although they are born with twin.
many ways we can learn about who we are, According to my therapy concept, it is a great thing to discuss to get clear understanding on who we are.
A human being is only part of the whole system of universe, which mean integration and connectivity with the whole system.
The universe is full of colours and design in perfection without any error in the creation.
I look a person as a peace of creation with perfection. i
I will try to explain to the person how perfect he/ she is with what had so far happened tor him/her to know who he/she is.
You are what you do, and correct your self to universal rule.
Human being has the freedom to make actions,but actions which act against the universal rule will conflict interrelationships with other being.
A person must understand he cannot go against the universal and the prime rule. He must always in harmony with the universe.
So, get the knowledge, learn about personallity.

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