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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pregnancy and AT


First Day to Forth Month:
When the successful sperm unite with ovum at the climax of emotional love between two hearts. it is the moment that new life is being created. Its life start with a clot of blood mass thing and develop with the mercy an
d blessings of The creator The Most Benificient and The Most Mercyful.

The blood clot formed into a pair of eyes which is the extention of the brain, and the development to become complete brain and the spine formation takes four months time.

Fifth to Nineth month:

During these months, the fetus is fully equipped with sensory nerves, it can sense and hear sound waves. Internal organs rapidly formed by stages, the digestive organs, kidneys, bladder, heart, bones structure.

During the ninth month, it is the intestines formation stage.
Mother should develop good hobbies such as reading so that the benefit goes to the baby. Baby born inherit your wisdom and your character, its your gen.

For the sake of your baby take good diet. Avoid rich and tasty food which contain preservatives and artificial flavoring and colouring which will affect fetus. Toxins and excess nutrients will disturb muscles and joints. Vibrational Aromatherapy Seri wajah together with alga oil for men should be used abundantly to relieve muscles strain and backache.
Mothers with weak blood problems, low hb and anemic undergoes aching of muscles and backache along buttock area. Alga oil for men is very usefull to develop strong muscle to balance fetus growth during the nine months conceive period.

Normal Delivery
women need ample energy as a preparation for normal delivery. Avoid cesarean because normal delivery promote strong spiritual relationship between mother and the baby. At the critical moment when contraction starts vibrational aromatherapy seri wajah should be used with spray bottles. Keep on spraying your face, hair, back area as this will give extra energy for normal delivery. Keep on spraying on the vagina with seri wajah during contraction. Drink water with the aromatherapy seri wajah to avoid gassy stomach before and after delivery. It also improve good blood circulation during contraction period. Most mother manage normal delivery and stitches free!

Share your problems and experience with me, as a woman, we need to share our experience especially for first pregnancy mother you should get the best consultation during the formation of your baby to protect your baby right from the first day up to 9 months and 10 days. Have a successful and meaningful pregnancy! Be a knowledgeable mother to your kid, grab as much experience as you can during your pregnancy period. Good luck!

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