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Friday, August 31, 2007

Infection in reproductive Organ

Disease due to infection in internal organs can be treated following the same principle that is bacteria is not the cause of the disease. The main cause is the particular system is under crisis of imbalance between biological and psychological function. What I mean is that, for example vaginal or cervix infection in women, there is some connection somehow or rather with the marital relationship between the couple. In most cases, I would make the patient explore her relationship with her husband, understand her marital situation, build her confidence that it is worth creating and refreshing good environment in their marriage. Play appropriate role to create harmony and love. Turn sour to sweet, you cannot change other people but you can change yourselves. Be more loving, more patience, more calm and more romantic. To every action there must be reaction,positive action will get positive reaction. Failure to curb marrital relationship in harmony, feeling of jealosy and lack of intimacy will lead to reproductive organs and hormonal deterioration. Thus create conducive climate of viral and bacterial infections in the respective organs. So I stress here in order to cure the infections is not to do surgery and remove but to deal with the root cause, that is the disease and its psychology.

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