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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ice Hydrotherapy

Cameron Highlands Malaysia
Cameron Highlands is one of the best location in Malaysia to practice ice hydrotherapy. It is the best here due to cold weather of about 15 degrees Celsius at night provide us a very conducive environment for aromatic bath relevant to Ice Hydrotherapy done in AT clinics. The water on this highlands is so cold that no ice is needed and yet get the same impact as ice hydrotherapy done in clinics. Few days stay in Cameron Highlands with frequent bath with flower essence aromatherapy 'Seri Wajah' give good treatment to many illnesses. Any formula taken during the stay here will cure faster. Anybody would like to get the experience, please call me for advice.

You will enjoy recovery while you are on holiday touring around the beautiful highlands. isn't it wonderful!!!Self treatment, cheap and while you spend your holidays. To get the 'Seri Wangi' aromatherapy please contact me at 012-4009843- Dr Aishah.

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