If there is a chance of getting young and healthy again, would you hesitate?

There are only natural things,
no synthetics,
no chemicals,
you deserves the best...
to get back your health, beauty and prosperity in life.

I only go natural...

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Friday, January 4, 2008


Seri Wangi Aromatherapy for Health, wellbeing and Beauty.

This is a blend of floral essences specially formulated for health benifit externally and internallyby energy of vibrational fragrance of flowers through neuro system to the brain as a natural balance of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

It is pure and non chemical elementssuitable for all age. Seri Wangi stimulate whole sensory organs and detecting one's six sense.

Directions for use:

For external use via skin especially the face or in bath.

1. One drop of Seri Wangi Aromatherapy into ice cubes the, rub on face areas and ears.

2. One drop of Seri Wangi Vibrational Aromatherapy into bath tub and pour over the body from head downwards.

Best used at night before sleep. Frequence and consistance will give better effect.


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