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Sunday, June 22, 2008

My first patient

I never planned or even ever imagined that my mother was my first patient, she was warded for pneumonia, that time I was very ammature in Colour Vibration Therapy. I was informed that my mother was warded and I brought the formulae my sister introduced me for my mother. When I noticed good respond in her I bought more formula from one chinese lady practitioner. To my surprise my mother was discharged very soon after consuming the formulae. My mother returned home from the hospital and continued taking the formulae. Upon discharged earlier than expectated time, many patients in the same ward were very curious how my mother could suddenly became ok, whereas they saw my mother struggling to breath for days and nights in the ward. She was most of the time on oxigen.

One lady came to visit a relative in the same ward asked me if I could help her paralised daughter who had been on wheelchair for some five years. That time I was not at all reluctant to visit her daughter to see if I could give something to ease her problems. I tried my very best although I had no experience ever to do treatment, cos I was a teacher that time. It was from that point gradually more and more people come to me for treatment and I started my adventure in the alternative medicine of colour vibration therapy.

Actually, it was not something easy to get involved with sick people and trying to cure them and got well again. It was not easy matters to meet their expectations. I dealt with every cases with a clear mind and heart and most cases showed tremendous healing process with this miraculous alternative medicational concept which I yet had to learn more.

Without a clear intention and purity in heart one could not proceed in this field and get the art of treatment with healing power.

Before that I had my own bitter experience to find remedy in any sense I supposed to save my hubby's life. I tried to find remedy but could not get to know how or where was the pathways for his recovery either by modern medicine or alternative medicine, maybe due to ignorance or fated not to get the solutions.

But god showed me the knowledge and I came to know and understand many things related to health and human body as explained clearly in colour vibration therapy. Only after he passed away. I really appreciated very much what I founded in Colour Vibration Therapy, its a gift from Above, I will devote my life to give substantial and essential service to those who need my service, as i understand how was it if you are blurred about your health condition. There are so many kind of sicknesses and diseases, only the bearer will understand how is it like suffering if nothing seems to be likely curing and relieving.

But there are many who just could not accept me to be a healer person, me not undergoing medicine knowledge background from any university, suddenly become one. It is a challange, afterall I only do good deeds, good intentions, purity in feelings of global humanity and sincerity.

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