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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Health and character

  1. Know yourself, your character, your personality relating your health problem.

  2. Many many patients are confused and in conflict relationship while suffering health problems. Many have inferiority complex, difficult to control anger and uncomfortable in presence of people. Feeling bored and could not enjoy life.
  3. Many did not realize the relation of their weaknesses with their health status and wellness.
    Poor diet and proper self care in healthy living might be the cause prior to their health condition degenerating. It leads to conflict in character and personality which affect the whole performance in relationships and career.
  4. At this junction of three complications, poor health, inferior or superior complex in personality and negative characters how one can find the solution and route way to recovering wellness?
  5. In my experience, i believe in solving all health problems by tracing the root cause of the subject, no matter how worst the symptoms could the patient reveille or could be observed literally, there one silent cause to the disease, that i will explore during consultation moments with my patients.
  6. There are four levels of personality depending on major blood circulating areas or active zones, the head zone, chest zone, stomach zone and structure zone.
    • the head zone is the spiritual personality
    • the chest zone is the emotional personality
    • the stomach zone is the mental personality
    • the structure zone is the physical personality

Each personality has two different qualities, positives and negatives depending on health status. Healthy person bears positive qualities and sick person will spurs negative qualities.

  1. Spiritual;
    Positive Characters

    Brain senses very sensitive
    Wisdom, intelligence
    Reading situations abilities
    Self confidence
    Feeling fortunate
    Con troll
    Inner power

  • Negative characters:

    Ego, stubborn
    Giving up
    Easily influenced
    Giving orders
    lose ground
    no ambition

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