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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Health and Positive Attitudes.

There is very close relation between attitude and health. Positive and negative Attitudes cause direct influence towards health status of organs in human body systems.

It is vital to observe, learn and have knowledge about the psychology of each organ in human body system to yield good health.
For example lifestyle of a very busy officer or manager, always in stress, need to make quick decision every day, less time for personal life and calmness. His/her lifestyle has a very close effect to what kind of illnesses and complications he / she will suffer.

Example of positive attitudes as guideline to refrain diseases,
i. always calm yourselves
ii. always be patience
iii. always be sinceere
iv. always be greatful to God

These four qualities greatly help you to slow down stressfull feelings, ease up your psychology and drive diseases away.

Before you take any medication, make sure you know your tense and stress which bother your body system. A person who use to do any work routinely without these four qualities will suffer ailments in the organ involve in the routine job.

For example an intellectual person who is not greatful for his wisdom given by god, will get brain tumor! Diet and stressfull lifestyle are also part of the reasons in developing tumour.

Genito and urinary systems problems have close connection to problem of marital ties and broken love bond in couples. It is very important to strengthen and fertile personal love, emotional love and care between husband and wife to ensure healthy life.

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