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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mass and time

When we talk about Existance, majority of us would expect some sort of being existing means it can be seen, can be touched and can be smell, or can be detected by our sensational ability.

The sun, the moon, the sky. the cloud, the wind, the rain, the rainbows, the trees, the flowers, the animals, the insects, the thunder storm, the sea, the mountains, the rivers and so on. They are all can be classified as living and non living things on earth.

Regardless of our race and spiritual faith, everyone of us would agree that all living things are not merely mass, they are made of body mass and soul. Once the soul depart from the body the mass will slowly deteriorate and dissolve into the soil.

A single tiny cell is a living thing which is functioning with the energy administering every aspects of the cell's function. Once the cell is lack of energy the cell will degenerate and destroyed.

Attitude therapy renown that every cell in our entire body has its own level of energy and it can only function harmoniously if overall energy levels of our body are well maintained in an equilibrium state.

For example the brain cells acquire the energy level of white, pink,violet and indigo components of spectrum colours to function in keeping memories and for learning abilities. The cells at the neck area including the thyroid, faring etc are functioning with energy level of blue, the cells in chest area function with green energy level, the stomach and digestive organs with yellow energy level, the reproductive organs with orange energy level, the blood, the colon and bone structure cells function with red colour of energy level.

Human bodies consist of two components, one is the mass and the other is time.
Every cells in human body has its own time that is its own energies, its own tasks, its own identities, its own functions. The brain cells can never be the same in its energy, function, task and duty to the cells which made up the heart. These two types of cells are of vast difference. They are created by the creator The Most Magnificient for their specific purposes during their life span. The cells belong to the brain mass assist the human body to restore memories and doing all thinking skills and abilities. The cells belong to the heart assist the process of circulating and transporting useful nutrients, liquid and gases around the entire parts of the body.

The different types of cells also feed on different kinds of nutrients from different sources of energy. That is why overtaking of certain type of food will result to allergies and disease. For example excess of protein intake like soy products, dairy products or sea food. Firstly excess protein overfeeding the cells until the cells have no need on them. The nutrients will be stored up and some become free radicals which will threaten and endangering the well being of cells. So feed the cells appropriately, with balanced diet to ensure the cells function harmoniously in our body.

AT categorizes body cells according to level of rainbow colour of energy levels, as colour is a kind of energy. If a cell loses energy level means that the cell loses the element of time. The colour energy is the time element of the cell. When the space in the cell is filled up with the appropriate time, the cell is said to have its mass functioning in harmony. The cells are living and functioning, whereas if the cell is lacking or overfeeding with excess energy from imbalance diet, the cell is said to be in malfunctioning state or a domain cell.

The cell is the mass and the energy level is the time, so when the space in the cell meets the time it will produce the healthy and functioning cell that is the mass.

To correct the improper energy level of cells is usually to refrain from taking certain type of food or nutrients in overfeeding cases. In deserted cases, the proper balanced diet should be imposed on the individual. In most cases it would not be easy and quick to correct imbalanced state of health. For example through dieting is impossible when digestive system is failing. Or frequently when the patient is in coma, diet is of no choice of solution.

AT have found the secret of energy levels of cells in human body similar to the energy levels of the spectrum of rainbow colours. Every cells which are under active or over active are no more functioning harmoniously. By giving the exact energy need with the energized formulae in the form of aromatherapy or energized pearly sucrose, the cells instantly respond to the stimulation by similar energy and start to show improvement within split seconds. This is the happy moments I have seen and experienced during the coarse of practicing AT throuhgout the years.

Radiations, Scanning,transplants,operations, infusions are shortcuts toward finding remedies to diseases. It should be the last resource. "To all diseases there are remedies-Prophet PBUH". When there are safeways, steroid, morphine, harmful chemicals shoul be avoided.

In cases of patients underwent operations of organ removal like the ovaries, AT can help bt providing the body with the time of the ovary cells. By giving its time back, the patient will experience feelings phenomenon as if there still remain the ovaries in the body. In cases patient having blood problems, the patient can be given the time that is the energy of the blood cells. By giving blood its energy of coarse the hb count of the patient is still very low but the blood will possess the blood energy by taking the energised formulae. Blood energy exists in the absence of blood hemoglobins. By considering hb count increase after blood transfusion, the count do not belong to the person's blood count, it is foreign's blood count. The actual hb count is still low.

By stimulating the cells with its normal energy level or its time within a period of 40 days is the process of giving momentum to the cells to develop their normal capacities to function. Every cells can regain their health and strength.

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