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Thursday, December 13, 2007

CL 19(Colon)

Constipation, Colon problems, prolapsed colon, purging, sensitive colon, cram, gassy colon, bleeding stool, piles, headache back right hand, appendicitis, worms,itchy rectum, hernia, blocked colon in babies, poisoning, umbilical chord infections, poisoning - babies. Healthy intestines gives optimum health. This formula helps to reduce scare, shock, cramp. Intestine disturb ants in the morning is caused by pancreas failure to neutralise acidity in small intestines.

Serious symptoms:
stomach ache for more than 4 hours
fever among children
vomit - green in colour
Gassy stomach and constipation, bad breadth
Pale and tiredness among children
Purging for long period of time, drink a lot of water
Dryness in mouth and tongue

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