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Monday, December 10, 2007

CL 18 (Blood Circulation)

Excess/ Low in hemoglobins, anemia, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, abnormal blood pressure, thick blood(hypercalcimia/hypocalcimia), blocked blood, weak neck area, bruises, bleeding, varicose veins, leukemia, blood cancer, internal bleeding, all blood diseases, luekupenia, leokositosis, blood circulation in the head, back ache, back pain, virus in the blood, hepatitis B, strictured blood vessels, toxins segregation, bacteria segregation in the blood, lack of enzyme G6PD, hemophilia(blood clot problem).

The blood circulation is very essentials in all level of health conditions. This formula will help to shrink the blood vein, and pull the blood veins to the original position.Most diseases connected to blood circulation are chronic diseases. Check on lymphatic nodes, liver and lymphatic system. Bruises and bluish spots on the skin. Avoid green peas which cause destruction of blood cells. Feeling of dizziness, faint, neck pain, cooling feet, headache due to slow blood circulation or low blood pressure.

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